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June's 2017 Pack - Only 1 left


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Did you miss out?? Buy June's pack here (While supplies last) 1. Nissen Junior Metal Marker - Red 2. Nissen Standard Solid Paint Marker - Assorted Color 3. Nissen Lumber Crayon Extra Hard - White 4. Nissen EZ wipe 5. MTA Inflatable Toy Subway - Paint Up! 6. One Zig Painty FX marker 5mm Chisel - Assorted Color 7. One Art Primo Drip Mop - Assorted Color 8. One Molotow Uni Fine Liner .4mm 9. 2 Fan tips and Assorted Caps 10. Assorted Stickers 11. Manahatta Eggshell Stickers - Available at 12. Nissen Skull Sticker - Courtesy of Nissen Markers Bonus Item: 9 Boxes will receive original canvas or painted cd by OBE AW Free shipping within USA. International shipping $12-$24. International orders - Please email for exact shipping quote.

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