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Featured Artist 2019

Every month we have a special featured artist! Check out a little info about them below!  

 July Featured Artist 


Graffiti caught my interest in 1980. On every car ride, my eyes would dart side to side reading graff.  In Brooklyn New York graff was everywhere..especially after Style Wars !! Earliest influence ENCE @marcussuarez. Check him out for an amazing life story 💪 After a long break from ,job, ect... I'm glad to see the culture is still thriving. In the last few years I've met many interesting people.. and some legends. I was truly surprised by the amount of old school writers  still wanting to escape and create some art. I've secured 300ft of legal wall for anyone wanting to stretch there arms ! Welcome back

Check out my instagram: @old_school_professor

June Featured Artist 

Botz - FTR

Okay so here it goes. My name is Frankie Botz, that’s been my name for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn and As soon as I watched Beatstreet and Stylewars I knew I wanted to be a graffiti writer. I started writing Graff in the early 90’s probably like everyone else sitting in a Jr High classroom bored out of my mind ignoring the teacher. I first started writing “Guimik” but that didn’t last very long. The guys I seen up around my Neighborhood were Mutz, Acid Rush, Boo, Neta, Craz-Rip, Trap just to name a few. I started cutting out of school so I could ride the B and the N trains and take photos of all the Graff I seen. Then I racked my first Black Book and a Fat Pilot from a local store called Zeskands and I was hooked. I started getting up around my Neighborhood but back then I wrote BATZ but I still pronounced it BOTZ ( the actually spelling of it is “PAZZO”, it’s an Italian word that means crazy!) so I got up with tags and a simple hallow throwie throughout my JrHigh to High school years. I really liked sketching in black books that was something I did but never shared it with anyone. Then it all stopped and I had to focus on getting money.  So about 20 yrs go by and probably about 20 differentjobs lol, and I met a queens writer named AMUZE , he noticed me doing a throwie one day at work and said you write????? and then he told me who he was. So then I got a black book and blew the dust off my markers(I bought new markers). Amuze became a good friend and kinda took me under his wing, he introduced me to The FTR crew and eventually asked Slash (the founder of FTR ) if they could put me down. So here I am the oldest Rookie in the game and I’m loving it!!!!!!! BOTZ FTR 

Check out my instagram: @iamfrankiebotz

May Featured Artist 

Mr. Seven! - GREECE

Hi I am Mr Seven! from Greece. I have been writing for about six years now. My influences are Sofles and Jason. My style is old school inking mixed with calligraphy and my favorite style, wild style. 

Check out my  instagram: @_mrsevenn_

 April Featured Artist 


Hi I am Serp, a UK Based Graffiti artist  who focuses on lettering and typography styles. I am influenced from everything around me. I enjoy working with complicated and intricate 3D and hybrid methods to create an eye-catching and interesting piece. Handstyles and tagging styles are also a big focus with a great array of ability in script and hisel lettering styles. 

Check out my work on:Youtube: serpcreative instagram: @serpcreative

March Featured Artist 


Hi I’m a artist/graffiti writer in Philadelphia pa grew up on the train tracks in Frankford i watched heavy hitters like Kair, Far, pre, agua, and espo among the thousands of other great writers in the city sharpening my teeth of hand styles and letter bending philly is a tuff town and you have to get good or gone I’m currently in Myl crew and awk two up and coming crews painting trains and walls and starting out on back alleys and abandoned buildings I’m a hard working writer and not afraid to learn a thing or two last few years I’ve mainly stuck with molotow paint markers and becoming a book worm but still get out once and awhile for some fun

 IG: @Jim_Neff 

 February Featured Artist 


I am remkothethird. I’ve been in the graffiti scene since 1992.Then and now, my inspirations are Tykewitnes, Sumet, and Codeak Germany. As a SoCal native, it’s great to be back in Los Angeles after traveling around for years.  Graffiti will always be my passion as I branch out into other mediums.  

ig @remkothethird

January Featured Artist 


I "Ruse BAD" began painting in Santa Cruz, California in 2002,  after being introduced to the art form by another graffiti  artist from the area. (The only prior exposure i had in my life  to graffiti was in 10th grade in Durango, Colorado where a  schoolmate had taught me how to tag “Killa Bees”. (Wu-Tang reference)) After being introduced to graffiti in '02, i was instantly hooked.  I painted solo for 3 years in and around the San Francisco Bay  Area, until i moved to Los Angeles. There, I was very active, and was particularly fond of street and freeway bombing.  In the Winter of 2015, i relocated to the Bronx, NY, where I came in contact with originators of graffiti and style. Upon meeting SONIC in the summer of 2016, my style started to move away from focusing on lettering, and began to evolve into  more of a contemporary / pop art feel; My "Bad Girl" subway maps are some of my most sought after works.Although I am a relatively fresh face in the graffiti/street art world, I continue to make my mark with my ever evolving style.

Check out my IG @ruse_bad