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Featured Artists 2020

Every month we have a special featured artist ! Check out a little info about them below!  

March 2020 Featured Artist 


They call me Flip from Portugal. My main gig now is tatooing, been doing that for the past ten years. Favorites are Boogie, Odeith, Vile, Styler, my boys Amuck, Risk, Tripa and Chase from the old days in West Aus and Johny DoubleC from Lisbon, but there heaps more.Graffiti has always been an artform that I have appreciated. Inspired me to sketch and helped develop my style to later tattoo.

February 2020 Featured Artist 


Born and raised in the streets of Philadelphia PA. Been doing graff on and off for almost 15 years. Hip hop scene is my passion.  

IG - @illest_lovelace

January 2020 Featured Artist 


I am an artist in far north Queensland Australia. I go by a few aliases speshil k , sicarius but predominantly use the name spellborn. As a kid I was a naturally gifted artist, but during my teenage and young adult years diverted from art and got lost in substance abuse and addiction, needing to get back to myself and do something constructive with my life I started getting into my artwork again and for the last two years have been solely focused on graffiti. I was lucky enough to make a connection with a well known artist who had been in the graffiti and hip hop scene for quite a long time took me under his wing and became a somewhat of a mentor for me helping me develop my lettering and work on my style and technique across a few different mediums. Shout out to vixorcismz for all his encouragement and inspiration throughout my journey so far. I get my inspiration from many various parts of life and artists but mainly like the psychadelic cryptic wild style writing that plays with your vision and is some what alien like. However I also really like forgetting the writing altogether and just doing a character piece especially cartoons from the 90's, ren and stimpy would definitely have the at the top of the list. I like to paint alone or with one or two other people to keep it simple and chilled.Every piece I do I strive to go one better than my last and keep it evolving to inspire the next generation of writers I say this. Success isn't about comparing yourself to others it's more about trying to do better and be a better you than you were yesterday and dont give up!!!

Thanks to everyone for your support be sure to check out my IG @speshil_k