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Featured Artist 2019

Every month we have a special featured artist! Check out a little info about them below!  

January Featured Artist 


I "Ruse BAD" began painting in Santa Cruz, California in 2002,  after being introduced to the art form by another graffiti  artist from the area. (The only prior exposure i had in my life  to graffiti was in 10th grade in Durango, Colorado where a  schoolmate had taught me how to tag “Killa Bees”. (Wu-Tang reference)) After being introduced to graffiti in '02, i was instantly hooked.  I painted solo for 3 years in and around the San Francisco Bay  Area, until i moved to Los Angeles. There, I was very active, and was particularly fond of street and freeway bombing.  In the Winter of 2015, i relocated to the Bronx, NY, where I came in contact with originators of graffiti and style. Upon meeting SONIC in the summer of 2016, my style started to move away from focusing on lettering, and began to evolve into  more of a contemporary / pop art feel; My "Bad Girl" subway maps are some of my most sought after works.Although I am a relatively fresh face in the graffiti/street art world, I continue to make my mark with my ever evolving style.

Check out my IG @ruse_bad