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Featured Artists 2020

Every month we have a special featured artist ! Check out a little info about them below!  

 November 2020 Featured Artist 


My tag name is Hustwo. I started doing graffiti in 2011. Up until now bombing was my favorite. Lately I have been focusing on pieces because here in Philippines there are a lot of beef wars/gang wars.  I still bomb but try to keep the peace and stay out of the drama. I only beef when someone disrespects my piece. My crew is CIS crime in Style. It is the oldest crew in the Philippines.  

ig @hustwo_cis

October 2020 Featured Artist 


Hello, my name is Fiqi, my graffiti nick name is flicks... live and based in east Java, Indonesia. As a young child in the middle of 2006, I saw a collection of motorbikes that made the initials of their motorbike alleys on the street walls. From that, my curiosity was very high and I was very happy when I saw someone making graffiti on the street, in early 2008 right when I was in middle school Above, I met a friend who taught me, namely dull aka bornie13, who left me last year ... remembering the struggle from the beginning of my career with bornie13, I have the initiative to continue my dedication to the world of graffiti until I get old.And I'm still going to draw vandals, tags, throwups, pieces on the streets and from this graffiti that changed my life ..I am very inspired by international artists and local artists who made me who I am today .. I am a graffiti style with wild style, which is a style with a font that is very complicated and hard to read, but I can also create other graffiti styles such as realism, 3d, newschool, oldschool, buble and others ..why I chose the wildstyle flow, because there I think the point of thought to what extent I will make letters and develop up 


September 2020 Featured Artist 


I’ve been working with adhesive since 2017, but I got on instagram in 2019. I’ve met so many sticker artists in just a year on it. So glad I moved on to Instagram. Love all styles but don’treally do letters just my character for now. How did my character come about?Well always have been into cartoons so Iget most of my inspiration from that. Sticker trading is one of my favorite things to do in the sticker scene. Have done over 150 tradesin just a year! Now i’m not really doing thatmuch nowadays. But I do have sticker packson my website some of the cheapest you will find. It’s really just to cover the cost of shipping and supplies wish I could send everyone a sticker pack who wants on. Want my work to be spotted all over the world. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of years. 

Here is the link to my shop:

IG @tips_it_up  

August 2020 Featured Artist 


Been writing Rois since 2010, stayed in the books mostly till 2013/14. From LA. Used to be up all over northeast LA and the San Fernando Valley. Started NeverGonnaKnow with two other cats, but they stopped writing years ago. Pretty much just been doing my thang by my lonesome. Used to be drinkin 40s in South Central. Now I am posted up in Seattle. But yeah shit, I got a billion stories. I’ve lived it to tha fullest. From hitchhiking in Italy to cooking mescaline in Highland Park (LA).  Seen a thing or two. 

Check out my work on my IG @Kno3

July 2020 Featured Artist 


Hello my name is Jenkoe. Born and reaised in the city of Pico Union. Been writing since 92' Started off tagging then I tagbanged a few years later. I joined the neighborhood gang. Writing is my hobby. I vent through writing and I vent through lettering. 


Instagram: @jenkoehandstyles

June 2020 Featured Artist 


SAVIE is the name, Graffiti is the game… Living and based in Holland. As a young kid in the mid eighties I sawthe movie “Stylewars" from Henry Chalfant… It blew my mind…and changed my life.. I bought directly markers and cans, and startedthis adventure..First tagging, and step by step throw ups and later pieces. My inspiration is coming from the NYC old-school period, (what you still can find in my work.) Stylewriters like DONDI, PHASE2, T-KID and SEEN inspired me when I was young and its still a part of my inspiration.When I find on the internet some unseen workfrom that period it still makes me happy!About my style, I really like to work big.. big letters clean and and readable.I love to work with a “bar" below my letters, it looks like its carries my name.. Working big and to get these big bars “straight” is sometimes a hell of a job, especially when its a fat wall, and no brick or grout can help you out… that sucks sometimes. When I was painting last weekend I heard somepeople say about my work “its old-school, butdipped in a funky fresh sauce” hahaha… :-) Please check out some of my pieces and judgeby yourself.


SAVIE 36 DOA Crew.

Instagram: @savie_36

May 2020 Featured Artist 


Being established in 2015 Hexx Inkworks’ personality is really expressed through his visual tone, with a background in Graffiti, Graphic Design, tattooing, skateboarding, Hardcore punk, and just general street culture.With starting his practice and producing for a year, he then got distracted by his interest in graffiti for a few years. But recently has decided to use the skills he learnt from writing, graphic design and artistic practice to establishhimself as a creative to turn his passion into a career. His work varies from black and white Illustrations typically of a dark or graffiti inspired nature. Letterforms of a sharp, traditional and gothic nature and the odd interesting experiment, such as film photography, casting resin, among other things. With his YouTube channel initially being created to document his process, such as speed art and painting videos, he eventually became popular for his How To videos and product review videos. He is currently getting commissions in the fields of Graphic Design, Art Direction, Logo Design (mainly wordmarks), Lettering, Branding, Advertisement along with a few other things.

IG @HexxInkworks

April 2020 Featured Artist 


I’ve been involved in writing since the age of 13. Drip came out in 2015. My favorite style? I like it ALL! From straight letters to wild style to just my own individual character. Resembles my love of water being a South Floridian and my love for paint. Drip is a liquid, comes in all different shapes and sizes.


March 2020 Featured Artist 


They call me Flip from Portugal. My main gig now is tatooing, been doing that for the past ten years. Favorites are Boogie, Odeith, Vile, Styler, my boys Amuck, Risk, Tripa and Chase from the old days in West Aus and Johny DoubleC from Lisbon, but there heaps more.Graffiti has always been an artform that I have appreciated. Inspired me to sketch and helped develop my style to later tattoo.

IG @flip_ink

February 2020 Featured Artist 


Born and raised in the streets of Philadelphia PA. Been doing graff on and off for almost 15 years. Hip hop scene is my passion.  

IG @illest_lovelace

January 2020 Featured Artist 


I am an artist in far north Queensland Australia. I go by a few aliases speshil k , sicarius but predominantly use the name spellborn. As a kid I was a naturally gifted artist, but during my teenage and young adult years diverted from art and got lost in substance abuse and addiction, needing to get back to myself and do something constructive with my life I started getting into my artwork again and for the last two years have been solely focused on graffiti. I was lucky enough to make a connection with a well known artist who had been in the graffiti and hip hop scene for quite a long time took me under his wing and became a somewhat of a mentor for me helping me develop my lettering and work on my style and technique across a few different mediums. Shout out to vixorcismz for all his encouragement and inspiration throughout my journey so far. I get my inspiration from many various parts of life and artists but mainly like the psychadelic cryptic wild style writing that plays with your vision and is some what alien like. However I also really like forgetting the writing altogether and just doing a character piece especially cartoons from the 90's, ren and stimpy would definitely have the at the top of the list. I like to paint alone or with one or two other people to keep it simple and chilled.Every piece I do I strive to go one better than my last and keep it evolving to inspire the next generation of writers I say this. Success isn't about comparing yourself to others it's more about trying to do better and be a better you than you were yesterday and dont give up!!!

Thanks to everyone for your support be sure to check out my IG @speshil_k