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Featured Brand and Artist 2018

Every month we have a special featured artist and brand! Check out a little info about them below! 

December Featured Brand 

Krink -

December Featured Artist 


EveryDay. New York. I have been addicted to Graffiti since the mid 90's. I'm just some fucking guy, a lost rebel, a dreamer. I always push myself and I never settle. My failures will forever be my greatest teachers.I don't promote negative energy. If you don't like something, take away its only power... your attentionCheck out my upcoming project "The Loaded Deck" IG - @the_loaded_deck and my art in general IG - @deal_54 FIVE - 4 LIFE Peace

 November Featured Brand 


November Featured Artist 


I was raised in a Border town with a population of less than 14,000 and I’ve never lived in an actual city, so I never really had exposure to graffiti until I was about 14. The best part about living in such a small town is that the train yards are free to roam. There’s no fences, no security, no cameras, just my paint, the trains, and my mind. Although I love paint, my favorite mediums are markers and 228 labels. I’m a stickerhead always down to trade, hit me up on Instagram (@bamoart)

October Featured Brand 

Woozy Worldwide -

 October Featured Artist 

SwoeOne 777

SwoeOne Triple Sevens crew representing for Los Angeles and the harbor area. 20+ years in the game and still finding this “thing of our’s” worthwhile and interesting... Fame is great, but the adventure is what keeps me writing... From the West to the East Coast, the Midwest, the Deep South, the Pacific Northwest and beyond... Love, peace,positivity,and destruction... Stay up

Check out more of my art on my instagram account: @swizzloe

September Featured Brand 

Art Primo -

  September Featured Artist 


They call me DFour, a member of City Of Lost Artists Crew (C.O.L.A - founded in 98). I started doing graffiti in 2008 and grew up in the south east of LA county. 

Inspirations are Augor, Saber, Tank, Plek, Phixer, Skill, Thanx, Versuz and many other Los Angeles artists. I wanted to develop my style to do more technical pieces and do something that I thought was dope. Didn't really care if people could read it or not, but I did end up figuring out how to manipulate my letters in a way where they were still visible, just a little tweaked out. Being a graffiti artist, it's mandatoryto also be able to successfully execute straight letter bombs in order to be seen from a long distance, such as on the freeway, throw-ups for hot-spots, roller bombs, etc. Graffiti will always be more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle. It's been there for me when nobody or nothing else has, through the good and the bad.

I'll die doing this. IG: @deforloko 

August Featured Brand 

Evolve - Colors -

  August Featured Artist 


Greetings. I go by the name “DEC” and reside in El Paso, TX. I have been painting since the early 90’s. Although my technique now leans toward the direction of  “abstract art”, my graffiti roots will always have a major impact on my work. 

Some of my greatest influences include Revok, Sam Friedman, Mad C and Kenor. 

Check out more of my art on my instagram

account: @deckstah915

 July Featured Brand 

Montana Cans -

 July Featured Artist 


YO!! OG FROGZ here (1996 - foe life!) 

·L.A. '90s writer

·Likes long walks on the trax


·420 friendly 


·Str8 outta EAST LOS 

·Reppin' that 213 323 626 NELA BHTS ESR LHTS ELA ALH SGV 

·Handstyler, throwies, hollows, flares, slaps, blackbooks, nonstop, wildstyle, stamps, characters, autoracks, bus hopper, freeway runner, rooftop killa ..real writers do it all!

IG @kta_frawgs

 June Featured Brand 

Learn to Forget -

 June Featured Artist 

Rame One

I'm Rame from the KMD crew, writing in N. Philly since 95’. Some of my influences are KADISM, RAKAM (free him), BOZA, ENAME , KAIR , SERIOUS, KREV, CAEM, SAT ONE, SEW and PRE. My forte is that "wrist workflow”... can slap paint on a wall faster than throwing a frisbee. Growing up in a city full of cutthroats, hustlers, and killers we all kept our real friendships tight with the homies we did roll with . We are a family. My favorite memory was walking the routes of the neighborhood with my boys, I'm talking walking for hours from 10 pm till the sun came up catching tags. My love of graff and its art still stands strong. Check out my graffiti radio show called GRAFF LIFE RADIO 215 We AIR live every SUNDAY 8pm-10pm in Philly on If it wasn't for graffiti and music, well HIP HOP PERIOD, I wouldn't even be HERE. Peace & stay vigilant! 

 IG @Raysluggs

 May Featured Brand 

Grafflife215 -

 May Featured Artist 

Zerk One

Hi, I'm Zerks. I'm from NYC representing a number of crews MSD, WF, ELC to name a few. A native New Yorker coming straight out of Ridgewood, Queens. I started writing Graffiti in 2007. Although started on the streets, my main focus now is legit walls. I am an advocate for graffiti as art. There is so much talent in it that deserves way more credit than given. I was very fortuned to be part of staff at 5 Pointz. A life changing experience. Currently enjoy collecting vintage markers and graffiti artbooks and magazines. I also frequently hit graffiti events/shows to show support, so if you in NYC area you may run into me.

IG @zerksones

 April Featured Brand 

Art Primo -

 April Featured Artist 

Just - World Famous Crew

Hi, I’m just from the World Famous Crew.  Grew up in the Bronx. Started hitting the streets at the age of 14 (1984). I enjoyed watching trains on a 2 and the 5 line 4 line. One of my best influences was MIT 77 from LA crew and Lee Quinones. There are a lot of other artists too that I still have mad respect for. Credit: Bowery Boogie interview (2015) “The world of graff is like [how an] athletic person gets his fame... this is our fame from one of the realest forms of hip hop... we go out and get ours. That’s how we get recognized, if not you just a toy… feels great when someone come up to me and say…”you Just??? Wow. . . Can you sign my black book please?”  That’s our fame.” 

IG @letsjustpaint

 March Featured Brand 

Krink -

 March Featured Artist 

Soma 79

Hi, I am Soma79. My favorite documentary is Style Wars. I would watch Style Wars and Scribble Jam as a teen over and over again exhilarating my love for graff and hip-hop. I originally dabbled in Graff some but my focus and notoriety was from being an MC and scratch DJ. I performed under the name Somatic/Soma79. Recently, I have started focusing on art again but now have taken my love for art to the galleries. I am mostly inspired by the people around me, particular by an artist named Brandalizm. My art incorporates a street/comic/fine art portrait vibe. 

 “As those who really know me know there is no real me.“ 

 February Featured Brand 

Project Street Gold -

 February Featured Artist 


Greetings! I go by Morals. A Miami Florida native, now living in San Francisco. Graffiti has been a part of my life since 87'.  I started noticing handstyles by some of Miami’s greatest writers riding the bus as a kid. In 91' I saw an incredible mural done by the 7up crew. It changed my life. I remember going to school that day and practicing my name. At that time, I was writing Sane. A couple of years later that I started bombing and practicing pieces. 30 years later, graffiti is still a major part of my life. I have met some great writers that i look up to and have some collaborations with them. I am now in the crew that i once looked up to. And, i never lost the love to reshape letters.

IG @morals_one

 January Featured Brand 

Mad Chemist

 January Featured Artist 


Rasterstache is a contemporary pop artist creating large paintings and sculptures, with an influence in the realm of robots. Rasterstache's work can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous galleries in North America. Currently living in San Francisco and working in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

"I started writing, and later airbrushing on clothes and skateboard decks. Space was very limited where I grew up and so I eventually moved over to sculptures and art toys. This was an easy transition for me because I could actually make money from artwork to pay for more paint and supplies. Later I crossed over to bigger pieces which were noticed by galleries. The rest is the future."

IG @rasterstache