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Featured Brand and Artist 2017

Every month we have a special featured artist and brand! Check out a little info about them below!

 December Featured Brand 


December Featured Artist 


Hi, I’m Sig. Graff if a big part of my life. I have been spraying since 93’ and love the feeling of painting and creating. I grew up in the Bay Area and was influenced by some of Cali’s greatest writers and styles. I will never stop learning new techniques and always work on improving my style. As artists, we tend to be critical on ourselves, but in my opinion that is how we learn and our style grows. Always a student. I prefer using the term  “Aerosal Art” instead of  “Graff”. My friend Dream TDK (RIP) used to say that. Respectto all aspects: Tagging, bombing, burners, murals, throw ups,  etc...  It is all appreciated. 

IG @veng94   

 November Featured Brand 

The F Series -

 November Featured Artist 

Victm MDR

What up!  I write VICTIM from MDR (my daily routine) crew based out of San Diego, Ca.  I’ve been writing since 1992.  My inspiration to start writing dates back to about 89-90 when I saw a homie of mine walk up to a sign and bomb it.  Back then, it was that non-stop, small to big flow.  The cherry on top is how the black started to drip after it was done.  There was just something sexy about it.  From there I practiced, studied and made myself official in 92.  My style is a west coast style. I do like to add a little gangster touch when necessary.  However, I’m versatile.  I go with how I  feel.  I just love letters and graffiti.  

IG @vicholiday637   

 October Featured Brand 

Gonesh Incense -

October Featured Artist 

San One

Aloha. They call me San one. I have been painting for about ten years now.  I prefer my letter flow and design to be organic and all of my work is painted freestyle. My Hawaiian roots oftenshow through the colors I choose and lettering style. My main passion is Graff, but I also am very in touch with natureand architecture. P.S. I often paint in handmade bikinis I have designed. For more about my art and swim line check out my IG.

IG @sansaidoso

September Featured Brand 

Ultrawide Markers -

September Featured Artist 

Drew OTR

Greetings. I go by Drew & I represent the LAT, OTR, RTDK, & LOD crews. Started writing back in ‘84 and was also a popper in (’83) for the World Famous LA Breakers.  My world was break dancing, boomboxes and graffiti. The lifestyle influenced my graff style. My handstyle is a mix of East Coast Hip Hop and West Coast Street Lettering. In the 80‘s most of us writers would link up riding the RTD, or byattending gatherings such as the TriaxFamily bench. We would spend our days racking and drawing on each others’ black books. New York had the Subway and L.A had the RTD bus lines. Damn... Those were the days. I have had a lot of ups & downs since I started writing which has evolved to more love and passion for Graffiti than ever. My products represent unity, family, and the authentic camaraderie we began within the 80s. Respects! 

IG @drewotr 

 August Featured Brand 

Magnetic Magazine -

 August Featured Artist 

Real 3

Hi, they call me Real 3. I am From Monterrey N.L. Mexico and my murals can be seen all over the world. My first contact with Graffiti was in the mid-80's when I saw the letters and drawings on walls made by local gang members. I fell in love with graff and decorating the city. Later, I began to paint murals and canvases which led to art shows and my work being shown at events. I enjoy fusing characters with old school lettering giving anurban meets rural vibe.

IG @real.33

  July Featured Brand 

Konker Colors -

  July Featured Artist 


Yo! They call me VurseOne and I have been writing since 94. I was born in Central America and raised in Houston Texas. My passion for graffiti has evolved into graphic design. I am now fortunate to teach graphic design at Houston Community college where I apply everything I learned about graff and make it relevant to design.


 June Featured Brand 

Nissen Markers -

 June Featured Artist 


Hi i’m Nine, also known as Tame2. I started writing in 1979 and am from the Bronx. I have a deep love and appreciation for all forms of Graffiti. Handstyle, Throw ups, Layups, Burners, Pieces, Characters,Blackbooks, Slaps and etc.

IG @snakenine

 May Featured Brand 

Sprayplanet and MTN -

 May Featured Artist 


I'm Dsyple, formally known as Jex. I have written for over 20 years and have gained recognition in the LA graffiti scene. You can spot my murals throughout Los Angeles. In recent years, I have expanded my art to canvas. My art is known for combining pop culture, mixed media, illustration and fine art with my graffiti roots.  

IG @dsyple

April Featured Brand 

Art Primo -

 April Featured Artist 

Keds DAM 

Hi I’m Keds from DAM crew. I started writing in 1986.  Originally from Miami but travel around the world and paint. My lettering is usually in bright colors and my favorite characters are B-Boy style.

IG @kedsdam727

 March Featured Brand 

 March Featured Artists


The Founders 

  • Ceduse: Hi I go by Ceduse (C2), been writing since 91’ I took a break for 
  • a bit (ok like over ten years) but I am back.  Graff is my passion. 
  • My characters are what everyone seems to like the most, so here 
  • you go. 
  • IG @cedusenookrts

  • Nook:  Aye! Im Nook, the daughter of Ceduse. Art is my passion, 
  • and I love doing characters most,  although I havent mastered my 
  • hand style. I’m still a girl in progress. IG @cedusenookrts

The Designer

  • Iph:  Im Iph (If), I started writing in the Summer of  82‘ in Compton, 
  • Ca and later moved out to San Diego, Ca. I came up as a “bomber” and
  • with dedication to the art, I developed my skills in handwriting and 
  • lettering styles.
  • #iphyouonlyknew
  •  IG @ipher1