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 Featured Artists 2021

Every month we have a special featured artist! Check out a little info about them below!  

 January 2021 Featured Artist 


Kansas City graffiti artist. Member of KE crew “Krush Egos” founded by YEARS. Big influences that got me into graffiti in the early 90s were ATT crew members Quisp, Krie, East, and Scribe. Quisp was one that paved my way and got me started. Also KE crewmates Years, Frost, Sez, Lose, and Mr. Mpulse. Painted in a lot of different cities and freights in my early years as a writer. Co-founder of Kansas cities first graffiti event called “Kansas City Masterpiece”. About 250 writers from all over would come that wepicked to be involved. Still painting and some commission work.  IG - 

February 2021 Featured Artist 

Gerk MTA

What's Gucci Fam it's your boy GERK I started my career in 1996 and been going since, I have traveled a lot in my time from my origins in Boston, living in California to now living full time in Arizona(for now). As much as I may love a good legal wall or commissioned mural, my heart will always belong to the streets. I belong to some of the West Coast's legendary crews Must Take All (MTA) and Earths My Turf (EMT) as well as a very talented crew Your Property's Next (YPN). I want to give a shout out to all my comrades and My OG's before me and most importantly our fallen soldiers RIP to OHJAE, FERST, VITEL,ANEMAL,YESM,BEST, UPSET, SK8, VOTE, SKESK you guys will always be in our hearts and will keep your names alive. Much love to everyone that rocks with us and shows love. to everyone else....well see you guys in the streets 🤙🏼

 ig: @gerk___