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 Featured Artists 2022-2023

Every month we have a special featured artist! Check out a little info about them below!  

March 2023 Featured Artist:


I’m a graffiti writer from Thailand. My tag name is JENON. I hope you enjoy my work. If you want to see more pls follow me on Instagram - can’t wait to create something cool!

IG @jenononthesky

Youtube: Jenon Johnny

 February 2023 Featured Artist:


Hesko one. I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m a self-taught artist and I have been drawing since I could remember. My artwork often combines themes such as lettering, graffiti, calligraphy, and characters. I like using multiple mediums and learning new techniques to create my artwork

IG @hesko.1

January 2023 Featured Artist:


I started writing in 2017. I broke my back and was in physical pain for one year. The late-night bombing took the pain away, which was nice. “Rucken” is the German word for the back. My style is mostly considered wack by others, but I get a lot of love by the locals in my city. I don’t get why graff on Instagram is a lot about hate/disrespect. I kind of appreciateevery tag in my city and everyone who has the guts to go out and put up a tag somewhere deserves my respect 

IG @ruckenone

December 2022 Featured Artist:


From the UK, Knock gets his inspiration from New York subway artists from the 80s, Knock has been playing around with letters for 16 years spreading peace and love through out!!!

IG @itsknock92official 

November 2022 Featured Artist:


Started writing reruns in 1993, from El Paso Texas. I represent the orginal Cannabis Tribe. Also IEC out of Los Angeles that’s In Every City, my boy P1 and then last but not least is Brooklyn’s Finest Creations shout-outs to all my crew and thank you to madbomr for having me.


 October 2022 Featured Artist 

What KH

I write “WHAT KH”. I’m from Brooklyn, NY, where there are  endless walls of graff and countless writers. With the effects of the pandemic and the laws easing up on graffiti offenders  in NYC, the city has been getting crushed harder than ever. Personally, I haven’t seen this much graffiti and stickers on thestreets of NYC in 25 years. Its hard to stand out in this concrete jungle but that’s what I try to do. My style is bubble letters, yet more complex than the typical NY style. I love bombing subway tunnels.. the rush you experience when you’re up close ‘n’ personal with the Iron Horsecan’t be put into words. But my main thing is rooftop bombing. I love heights, being on a ladder floating high above the city streets and climbing to very difficult to reach spots. Taking extreme risks for big rewards is what it’s all about! Every sick spot I do involves risking my freedom - and my life, scheming shit out and plotting how to come off... and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I also lovestickers and toss up a pile in the streets on a daily basis. Its like a dog taking a piss, I have to leave my mark everywhere I go. 

IG @kash_hungry

 September 2022 Featured Artist 


I’m just another guy who loves to paint on anything I can.  Just trying to leave my mark!

IG @yerohhh1

August 2022 Featured Artist 


I’m NADS, born and raised in Vietnam. Been writing since 2013, love doing tags, throws, pieces but mainly tags. Currently a graphic designer and acalligraffiti writer. Graffiti is life! Shout out to all the writers out there. Peace!

IG @nads.ts 

July 2022 Featured Artist 


Resk graffiti artist. Wildstyle, semi-wildstyle and handstyle since 1994. Native of Montpellier France. Graffiti activist for more than 25 years. Members of the RC-C4-FSP-MBZ-AOA RG-TVA crews. I never stop working  on the letter forms and sharing my passion and my work! 

IG @resk_loveletters

June 2022 Featured Artist 


HEY heyyy heyyy II WRITE SUGAH PRONOUNCED LIKE BOOGAH ;) there is no hard R In my dam name I’m from the Yayareaaa. I do a lot of traveling mostly road trips and get up and crash out in my car a lot showed in a river if u gots to. I do a bunch of different shit from legal beagles to canvases, metal signs, shoes, freights, freeways, street shit, and some times boobies :D. Basically, if you can slap painton it I am gonna. This print I chose is a no-brainer, it’s not my best piece but it's def my most meaningful. This roller wasdone by one of my kids why writes Squirmy, my best friend LOVI who recently lost her mom to cancer and myself. We did this on my 5 yr anniversary of being cancer-free! I try and do this each October, it’s not just for me but for everybody affected by this bullshit. Survivors, people going thru it, fam, friends, and the fallen ones RIP. My kids Squirm and Star are my biggest supporters, it almost took their mom so FUCK CANCER. I told my kids when I die pour my ashes in paint and color the world. Art brings joy and the color in life we all need to see. Whether you are going thru dark times and need an outlet or you are happy as shit and want to paint rainbows. Art never fails! For that I’m thankful. Don’t wait for some shit to happen to you to make the best out of situations.

 Laugh a Lot! - love Sugar 

IG:  @__aintshit__

 May 2022 Featured Artist 

Wick 1974

Yo! My names Jay. I’m 47 and live in Ontario, Canada W!CK and the creations that have come from my name were created to help battle my depression/anxiety. 2017 was the year I started writing W!CK. I was lost looking for ways to motivate and keep busy. Graffiti art helped me get motivated and create amazing things. To get where I’m at now, I’ve read a lot of books and have watched a lot of YouTube videos . I also listened to repetitive advice from all of my artistic idols... “If you want to get better then, keep sketching!” So I did... Every day for 2-6 hours, sometimes more on weekends. I did that for about 4 years, religiously until I found my style. I’m stoked on how far I’ve come, and I’m excited for the future. Cheers, and keep on sketching W!CK - “The Short Story”

IG: @wick1974 

April 2022 Featured Artist 


Since 1989. Graffiti Vandal Not Artist  

March 2022 Featured Artist 

Joe Ded Ae

What up, Name is Joe Ded. Been into all different kinds of art since young, i was killing worms with a mousetrap oneday when my homie said i should get into graf. Been on it since  then, from denver to so cal.  I enjoy doin characters, manifesting goblins of the cerebellum. AE Mobb. Rip yesko and preach.  

IG  @joeded

February 2022 Featured Artist 


Welcome to Miroopers Inc. My name is ChyTea and for many years 1 have been cultivating my skills in art and  design, as well as their history and development. Both famous and unknown artists have inspired me to begin on the path of creativity and further develop my skills. Through the years I've incorporated popular techniques and improved upon some to develop my own style. Some of my work centers upon self-expression, while other pieces reflect reactions and feelings. I have the ability to paint, sculpt, and design projects tailored to specific needs and wants. Additionally, I create concepts and build strategies for visual communications for business, organizations and individuals. The Mitrooper represents the fighting spirit in everyone who has been a "trooper" at some point in life. We all have stood strong through hard time and good times. Mi stands for me, and trooper is within you. The Mitrooper is a protective soul, guarding each individual and the universe. Mitrooper gives hope to the hopeless, courage to the doubtful, and and strength to the weak. At the end of each tunnel there is a light. Stay positive. Stay humble. Mitroopers are all around the city reminding you to staystrong because you are a Trooper too.

IG @mitrooper1 


January  2022 Featured Artist 


Hi, My name is Somniac and I’ve been drawing since forever, since I was a little kid. My cousin @pirpsone showed me graff and I love it. 

IG @somniac_art