Frequently asked questions

How much is it to subscribe to Madbomr?

24.99 a month - Free shipping within the US

Do you ship internationally?

No, we no longer offer international shipping due to the high shipping costs and the inability to track shipments outside of our country. 

What Graffiti/Street Art items will be included in the pack?

Four to Six full size graffiti/street art items will be delivered to your door monthly. Items will include markers, paint pens, mops, eggshell stickers, caps, scribers, dvd's, mini's and etc. Some items will be exclusive and limited edition. Each package will also include trade stickers from artists, graffiti writers, and brands. Every package will also have a featured artist and a 4x6 print of their artwork that is printed on sticker paper in so that you can place in your blackbook.  

Why do you not have spraycans in the pack?

Spraycans can not be shipped  USPS. UPS rates for aerosol can be pricey.  We want to give you great value at a low cost so we decided to not ship cans for our first pack option. We are working on offering another  pack that includes cans and caps only with ups shipping.

How do I buy a gift for someone?

If you would like to send Madbomr as a gift to someone, click on the gift option. You may send a personalized message to the receiver. 

When am I billed and when does it ship?

 The pack is billed on the first of the month and ships before the 20th. If the first purchase is before the 15th of the month (example before March 15) you will receive that months pack (March's pack) as your first month and it will be shipped before the 20th (of March). The following months pack (Aprils pack) will be charged on the 1st and shipped before the 20th (of April). If you purchase your first pack after the 22nd (March 22nd) you will receive the following months pack (Aprils pack), this pack would be shipped before the 20th (April). The pack will not be charged again until the month after (It would be charged again May 1st).  

I want to buy only one month or use a prepaid credit card is that possible?

Yes. When we have extra packs available, our SHOP section gives you the option to only purchase one pack or previous packs for 24.99 (whiles supplies last). You may use a prepaid credit card to purchase these items. 

How can I become a featured artist?

Email us at madbomr@uprfirm.com submissions of your artwork. We will review and let you know. Please email  three of your best pieces in jpeg format. 

How can I get my stickers/trade slaps in the pack?

We made a few changes. Updated rules below.

Madbomr LLC  P.O. Box 1443, Deerfield Beach, Fl 33443

Rules: Each 40 slaps sent in gets one item sent back (Ex. is 120 stickers = 3 items)  Anything over 400 stickers, we will give a free past box (TWO PER ADDRESS PER YEAR). No picking items or boxes! No blank slaps. Can be handmade or printed. We hook it up by the quality and effort of your stickers. Examples are in our tags. Please make sure to print your name and return address clearly. We cannot send you back items unless we have a legitimate address. Any boxes returned by the post office for an insufficient address will not be resent out.

How can I get on the sticker bomb page?

Please email madbomr@uprfirm.com with pictures. Please make sure that the pics include one of our stickers or the name Madbomr.  

How can I become a featured  brand?

Please email madbomr@uprfirm.com We always welcome new suppliers and brands. 

How do I get my products in the pack?

Please email madbomr@uprfirm.com We always welcome new suppliers and brands. 

What happens if I don't receive my package?

We rely on our subscribers providing a safe deliverable address.  If the product shows delivered and you do not receive we can offer the next months package to be shipped with signature delivery confirmation. We cannot refund or re-ship delivered items. If the package is not showing delivered please email us at madbomr@uprfirm.com and we will get the problem corrected immediately. 

If I cancel do I get a refund?

You may cancel at any time with your account login.  Please email us at madbomr@uprfirm.com if your credit card has already been processed for the following month. Please note that once a payment has been processed and the pack is within five days of shipping we cannot refund that pack. Your pack will be shipped out. Your credit card will not be charged for the following months pack.